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About the Stubborn Brit Story

I would like to address some of the private feedback and comments on The Stubborn Brit; the beginning of the end. that I received. However, while some of the feedback was good to read, there were some of the direct messages that did not achieve that special ranking of good. So let me address a few.

Why are you writing such sad stuff about Gram?

There are many reasons actually. And probably the first and foremost reason would be that it is therapeutic for myself to write it out. Especially, since the experiences over all those years was akin to walking along the shores of the river styx. An all the while waiting in a state of anxious anticipation for that blasted boatman to make landfall. Though, I have to say the most intense part of all those years was making the life and death decisions that would affect Gram’s future. It was like being in an emotional perdition. However, I received a little solace from my actions and deeds due to her vascular dementia. As she simply did not remember things. But, I will expound on that further in my future stories.

Why are you using Gram to make money off of her suffering?

That is a load of codswallop as Gram used to say about foundless blather. But, I will address it.

While Stories from the Heart is part of Junction 116, LLC. It should be noted that Junction 116, LLC’s primary function is donation generation and at 50 percent of profits being donated to charities; that is nothing to sneeze at. Though, I would like to expound upon that a bit more. The root idea for Junction 116 was inspired by Gram and how she donated to causes. When she donated, there had to be something in return. Whether it was a simple sticker, calendar, magnet or even a pen. It just had to be something tangible for her donation. And it was on that premise We were inspired to create Junction 116, LLC. So when someone buys something from Junction 116, they will have something tangible to remember that they helped another in need.

Now, back to the thought of making money from her stories, that is not and will never be something that I would ever do. Yet, knowing Gram, she would have said why the bloody hell not. She did after all start to write her own book of memoirs before the dementia started to take hold. But, I digress, Stories from the Heart is a blog about sharing experiences. They are primarily about charity, but, can be other experiences where one has helped another in need. These stories may also be about the trials and tribulations of those experiences.

So what is the goal of Stories from the Heart? Sharing, touching another’s heart and soul, providing an experience to a situation another might be going through, or as Ron and I explained on the Greetings post, We hold a deep belief that through charity, one can cause a positive change in the world. And this is where the stories come in. One can give to charities, but, it is the stories of touching a heart or the personal triumphs over great challenges; or through unyielding perseverance that will cause positive change in another.

In closing, I love my Gram (Nan, Shirley) unconditionally, and would never abuse her memory for the sake of a few bucks. I will however share every experience that I can remember. As she was the most remarkable woman I have ever known. And while there are a few others in my life currently that could  stand with her on the same pedestal and I know Gram respected greatly; she was my Gram and I am a wee bit biased. Missing You Gram.


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