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The Stubborn Brit – Aftermath (Part 1)

To continue…


Gram arrived a few minutes before I did at the Emergency Room in York Hospital. So I had to enter the waiting area. Oh that was a slow and drawn out process. I said to the check in person, I need to get to her immediately, I am her POA and she suffers from vascular dementia. So ten minutes pass while I await a patient advocate to get me, and escort me to her. But, by the time I got to her, the doctors had already seen her. So then I ask the patient advocate that I need to speak to the doctor right away. Another fifteen minutes passes; though while waiting, I am consoling Gram because she is extremely agitated and wants to go home; despite her not being able to move without extreme pain. It was time for lots of hugs and changing the topic to her favorite one, her flowers. She sure does like talking about her flowers. So the doctor finally comes into the room and before I can say a word, he starts telling Gram, seems like nothing is broken, but you have some really deep bruising; so we will give you something for pain and you should be able to go home soon.  She was like, thank you doctor so much. Now, I am starting to get annoyed. And ask the doctor can you show me more and I walk out of the room. He followed me and just out of earshot of Gram. I asked him, are you not going to run more tests and xrays or something. He said there was no need, she said she had just tripped and stumbled. I shook my head. Then I went off. It has taken me an almost thirty minutes in order to speak to you. I am her POA, and I am sure you noticed she has some really bad memory issues. I then told him to go back in and she will have no recollection he even spoke to her about her condition and will more than likely change her story of what happened. He did and my point was proven. We stepped out again. Now, here is what happened. (see first “The Stubborn Brit; the beginning of the end.”) So after I related the entire experience. He decided to admit her and run some extensive tests.

After several days of tests and monitoring her heart.  The doctor approached me saying that he cannot justify keeping her any longer. Even though she did have a stroke and mild heart attack. I asked the doctor about possible rehab. She does live on her own and she will not allow a single soul to stay with her. I also pointed out, as I am sure you have noticed, while she is now on pain meds, she can stand, but, walking is another issue, especially since there are steps no matter what door you enter into her home. Then he had one of those quizzical looks. He asks if I am her POA and do I have copies. I mentioned, if you hadn’t noticed Gram kept telling everyone that I am her POA. But, for the sake of argument, here is another copy. That will make 16 copies of my POA that I have given to York Hospital. He took them not saying a word. And I returned to Gram’s side to comfort her.

Another thirty minutes passes. An a lady administrator came walking in. Without even a pause to say hello. She just starts right off asking questions on preferences for rehab. I said gram likes Manor Care. While I am not a fan. She happens to feel comfortable there. So within the hour she is off to Manor Care for rehab. An I am on my way to her home to grab her clothes and other necessities.

Which brings this part to a close. (Part 2 – Aftermath “Manor Care”)

If there is a point to this part of the story. If you have legal paperwork; always keep within grabbing distance. And first and foremost make sure your loved one get all the right care by questioning everything; no matter how annoyed they may get.

Miss You Gram




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