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Special Order Service for Verified Businesses


Special Order Service for Verified Businesses

This service is available to verified business customers who have registered on our site.


Who is this service for?

It is for registered and verified Junction 116 business members only. (Register Here)

It is for verified business members who are seeking special pricing for bulk goods and supplies.

It is for verified business members that have been searching for corporate gifts.

It is for verified business members who are resellers/wholesalers.

It is for verified tax exempt businesses.

How to become a Junction 116 Verified Business Member?

All businesses wishing to be verified members of Junction 116 are required to submit their EIN; it is then verified with the IRS.

If you are a Reseller/Wholesaler; you are required to submit a copy of your State Certificate in (PDF); it is then verified through your state revenue office.

If you are a Tax Exempt business; a copy of your IRS and state documents; they will be verified with the IRS and your state corporation and revenue office.

Please submit the required documents in PDF to with the *Subject Line* Attn. Junction 116 B2B.

If there are questions that arise from any of the documents sent or there are further documents required in order to verfiy your identity as a legitimate business or ownership there of; we will conact your business in one or more of the following ways:

1 – You may be contacted via the registered email you provided for your business during registration of your Junction 116 account.

2 – Contacted via our ticket system.

3 – Contacted at your registered business phone number.

4 – A special card with a code and instructions may be sent to your business address in order to further identify your business as legitimate and that you are indeed the owner.

This process of verification can take several business days to complete. As it is dependant on retrieving information from IRS, your state revenue and/or corporation office.

Please note: The requirements for verification of a business member for Junction 116, LLC is necessary for all legal and tax requirements of our LLC; not the least of which

is to keep scammers and the like from dishonest behaviors with the goods we provide.


How it works:

A verified business member contacts us with a description of the product(s) they are seeking.

We then check with all of our suppliers to see if we can order it in for you {note 1}. FYI: We have access to almost a million products (986,204) from all of our suppliers, vendors and manufacturers.

Next, we will email the verified business member about their item(s); which will include its availability, images along with the total cost; including shipping {note 2}.

Once the business member has reviewed the item(s) information and we receive payment for the order; we will begin processing. (The business member will be kept informed every step of the way; right up until it is delivered)

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that every item that is requested via this service will be available. But we will do our very best to make sure your needs are met; we may offer comparable items to the business member if their request for an item has been discontinued.


To set up a special order:

Login to your Junction 116 account and use the contact us link and create a ticket request. (Best Option)

You may email us at with the *Subject Line* Attn. Junction 116 B2B.

You may call us directly at 717-739-1039 Monday thru Friday (9: AM- 3: PM) (Please leave a detailed message as we might be busy with another client/customer).


We look forward to helping you with your business needs and finding that special treasure. Have a fantastic day!


Special Order Service for Verified Businesses – Categories
(this is a general list – as these categories are in a constant state of flux due to the large number of suppliers, vendors and manufacturers we retain)


Adults Only


Art Supplies



Baseball Caps

Bath and Bedding

Batteries and Chargers

Books and Videos

Botanicals and Herbs

Bulk Supplies

Bulk Accessories

Bulk General Merchandise

Cables and Adapters


Cell Phones and Accessories



Commercial Display


Costumes and Props

Die Cast Model Cars and Trucks

Dvd Players and Recorders

Eco-home and Grocery

Education and Reference



Exercise and Fitness

Fine Art

Fragrance and Perfume


Garage Storage

Garden and Outdoor Decor

General and Kids

General Merchandise


General Grocery

Health and Beauty

Health Supplements


Home Decor

Home Improvement

Home Scent







Lawn & Garden

Learning and Education

Licensed Novelties



Magic, Juggling and Novelties


Massage Therapy


Miscellaneous uncategorized



Musical Instruments

Network Hardware

Observation and Security

Spiritual and Religious

Office and Supplies


Outdoors and Sport

Paper Crafts

Party Supplies

Patio Lawn and Garden

Pet Supplies


Phys Ed

Poker and Casino Supplies

Pool and Spa

Posters and Paintings



School and Office Supplies

School Safety


Shoes and Boots


Sports Action Camera

Sports Fan Memorabilia

Sports Merchandise

Tactical Gear


Tools and Hardware

Toys and Games

Travel and Bags

Vitamins and Supplements



Note 1: This can take more than 12 to 72 hours depending on the response time of the supplier(s). (Holiday times may make this time frame longer)

Note 2: Shipping on and of items with the Special Order Service for Verified Businesses are estimated. The actual delivery time or date may vary depending on the supplier, vendor or manufacturer’s inventory levels and the items ordered. Currently, the *average* time for most shipments and/or deliveries using this service is within 1-4 weeks; and again dependant or many factors; such as size of order, origination of the shipment, et al.. We will keep you updated on the processing, so that you know when to expect the items you ordered.


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