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Regularly Grooming Your Horse Helps You Both Be Happy and Healthy

Having a horse is one of life’s greatest joys, and spending time with these majestic creatures is simply good for your health. Bonding through grooming allows you and your horse the opportunity to meet each other’s needs for connection that stimulates your hearts and minds and keeps you both healthy. Here are some fantastic things to know about how grooming helps keep you and your horse healthy and happy.

Bonding Time

Grooming is a fantastic time to bond with your horse. Peaceful and serene interactions that soothe your horse as you take care of it help to improve overall health and create a lasting and loving relationship between the two of you. As a regular exercise, grooming produces positive effects for you as well, lowering your heart rate and releasing chemicals that calm and slow your breathing rate. Sharing quiet time with your horse as you groom it, solidifies your unique bond and keeps you both healthy and happy.

Healthy Coat, Healthy Heart

Grooming has many wonderful benefits for your horse’s coat. Aside from helping it stay looking beautiful, regular grooming helps prevent rain rot and gives your horse’s coat the healthy shine it should have as a result of daily care. Brushing your horse not only removes dirt and shedding hair, but it also improves blood circulation that promotes the proper functioning of the heart. The beauty and shine of your horse’s coat is also an excellent indication of the health of their skin.

Health Alerts

Frequent grooming allows you to discover hidden or unseen skin irritations and possible bacterial skin infections. Checking your horse’s coat thoroughly while grooming alerts you to any changes that can be swiftly taken care of. A quick call to the vet can be a lifesaver, and your awareness and ability to properly administer care to even the most seemingly insignificant scratch or abrasion can stop an infection or worse in its tracks. Consistently grooming your horse is the best deterrent for preventing more serious infections from spreading, and it keeps your horse healthy and happy, giving you peace of mind. 

Providing your horse with the best care by spending quality grooming time together strengthens the bond between you and your horse and keeps you both healthy and happy. Staying aware of any changes to your horse’s coat maintains their well-being and keeps their heart healthy and your heart happy, creating a lasting connection that encourages love, trust, and respect.

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