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New Product ~ Mystery Boxes

We usually do not post on the weekends. But, we just had to share our latest product addition.

Mystery Boxes! (we are so excited about this new addition to Junction 116)…And since we are in the business of generating donations for the charities. 50 percent of the Mystery Box ordered will be used for a donation to one of our current charities.
As an example: ($50 = $25 Donation and $25 MSRP Mystery Gift)

The Basics:
Pick Your Mystery Box Value ~ 45, 50, 100, etc…
Then Pick the Type of Mystery Box ~ Home, Personal or Business
Optionally, you can choose Sex and Age Range (default; NA)

Check them out at the link below:
Mystery Boxes @

Have a Fantastic Day and Be Good to One Another.

Yours in Service

Raven & Ron

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