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G’day Everyone,

We had a few minor issues with one vendor. Their products are being removed (as I am typing this). We would like to extend our apologies if you happened to view any of these items on our site. (they were prints on T-shirts and other wearables) Please note, we will not knowingly support any misogynistic items. It was unfortunate that they slipped through with one of our automatic product updates. So again our apologies to anyone who happened to view these items.

Though, on a better note. We have added to all pages a feature to submit a Special Item Request. It is a handy feature. Just click it, type in the product your are looking for and click submit. It is that easy. Then, we receive the request and check through our million products from vendors, supplier and manufacturers. And then, all items we have relating to the Special Item Request will be placed online under the Special Request menu (located on the top main menu). We hope you enjoy this feature.

“Please Note – It can take 24 to 72 hours depending on the time or day of the week for the items to show up under the Special Request menu.”

Have a Fantastic Day!

Yours in Service

Raven & Ron


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