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Junction 116 News Update 4-23-2018

Good Day Everyone,

A few updates:

We changed a few features on

1 – Updated the Live Search to make it much faster. Now it starts searching the database of products with the first letter that is entered. (the search bar is located/found right under our site logo).
2 – Updated several images and their locations on the site.
3 – Updated several menu items: Customer links in footer are expanded to include more functions.
4 – Added above the logo our social links and a secondary menu with a live cart that shows current total of items added.
5 – Streamlined loading and condensed main menu under our logo.

Other News:
Processing several more Special Item Requests (while the list is not huge; the number of items is; we will keep you posted).

We hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Yours in Service
Ron and Raven

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