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Junction 116 News and Special Item Requests Update ~ 5-28-2018


We hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was a pleasant one. We sat around a campground fire most of Sunday at the
Conewago Campground. It has a most relaxing atmosphere and watching the little chipmunks scurry around and chasing each other was quite

Now, on to the updates. Per the Special Item Requests, more desktop gaming systems were added, along with several more Laptops and accessories for them.

We would like to add, there are several other Special Item Requests we have not filled yet. So please accept our apologies for their delay. We had a challenging Monday. Our main office server experienced a bad surge; despite having several surge redundancies in place. It fried the the power supply and caused a corruption to the MBR (master boot record) of the hard-drive. All is fixed now and back to normal. But, that unfortunately has put us behind by a little over 24 hours in processing special order and item requests. Rest assured though, everything will be finished by end of day (today 5-28-2018).

Have a Fantastic Day!

Yours in Service,

Ron & Raven

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