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How You Can Better Care for Your Aging Dog

Your best friend has been a true and faithful companion for the majority of his life. Now that he’s getting older, it’s time to reward his years of service with the best care his human can provide. Read on to learn how you can make your aging dog’s life as enjoyable as possible.

Keep His Weight in Check

If you’re like most dog owners, you enjoy rewarding your pet with high-value treats — but not as much as he enjoys receiving them. While this behavior likely strengthened your bond when Fido was an energetic pup, overfeeding a geriatric dog can be detrimental to his health. Being overweight leads to more strain on muscles, ligaments and joints, all of which is taxing on your aging dog’s system. Talk to your veterinarian about how much and how often you should be feeding your dog as he grows older.

Increase the Quality of His Kibble

In general, older animals require food that’s relatively bland and easy to digest. In fact, this is true of humans as well. However, it’s important to choose your brand wisely. Poor quality dog food can contain ingredients which cause seizures in older dogs. Seizures can be partially alleviated with CBD, but switching to organic meat- and plant-based dog food will also help. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you can keep your dog from suffering seizures in the first place, there’ll be no need to resort to treatment. Adding supplements to your dog’s food, such as fish oil to prevent aching joints, can vastly improve his quality of life as he ages.

“Seniorize” His Space

If you brought your dog home as a puppy, chances are you had to make significant changes around your home to accommodate his needs and energy. Now that he’s older, there are steps you can take to make his living space more comfortable. Consider placing platforms near the couch and bed to make it easier for Fido to jump up and join you. You might also want to make his food and water more easily accessible, especially if he has mobility issues. Traction decals come in handy on slippery floors, especially in long hallways or on the stairs.

Everyone knows that the golden years are coming and that, for dogs, they arrive sooner rather than later. In taking these precautions, you’re helping to ensure that your canine companion will remain healthy and happy throughout all the rest of his days.

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