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How Momtrepreneurship Is Thriving in the Information Age

Information and the opportunity for online commerce are readily available to almost anyone, and women are taking advantage of this moment. From creating artisan products to self-publishing to beauty consulting, moms are starting businesses at an incredible rate. Between 2007 and 2018, the number of female-owned businesses grew by 58 percent.

Having It All

Women entrepreneurs aspire to much more than simply making money. They want meaningful work that leaves the world a better place. They also value the importance of setting a great example for their children. Traditional corporate jobs can be disappointing when it comes to encouraging a balance between work and family life. If you or a family member have health challenges, sticking to a conventional office schedule can cause more difficulty. Even though employers are increasingly required to make reasonable accommodations, boutique businesses have proven to be the better vehicle for women to unleash their creativity and independence into the marketplace. Because of these new opportunities, women are finding that they can indeed have it all without the need for an apology.

Low Barriers to Entry

Not too long ago, starting a business usually meant renting an office space and possibly hiring a receptionist. Today, Wi-Fi service is available almost everywhere and your business doesn’t have to be tied to a particular location. There are so many software programs and other technologies that make remote working easier these days. As long as you’ve got a laptop or even a smartphone, you can accomplish a lot while at your local library or coffee shop. Starting a new business is also easier than it was in the past. Many online business opportunities have the potential to become lucrative, yet they have no licensing or educational requirements. We can also thank the internet for making publicity much easier to manage. Free social media tools allow for easier and more effective networking, marketing and overall brand development.

Support and Inspiration

Enterprising mothers don’t have to feel as though they’re handling new challenges all by themselves. Thanks to those business-minded moms who paved the way early on, momtrepreneurs now have lots of encouragement to branch out and pursue their dreams. A simple online search can yield dozens of pieces of advice on combining business and motherhood. Memoirs and how-to books from women who’ve experienced the highs and lows of business ownership are available right at your fingertips.

By choosing a more flexible environment in which to make a living, momtrepreneurs are finding that they can achieve their work goals while still tending to the things that matter most.


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