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Welcome to Stories from the Heart.

This blog is part of Junction 116, LLC.

About Stories from the Heart

We want to share your stories and life experiences about charity. So we are reaching out to all our family and friends; and that includes all of you folks outside of the USA too. The stories we are looking for are the ones from the heart. Those special charitable moments that created an impression in some way and touched your heart, life or someone close to you.

Why are we doing this?

Ron and I hold a deep belief that through charity, one can cause a positive change in the world. And this is where the stories come in. One can give to charities, but, it is the stories of touching a heart or the personal triumphs over great challenges; or through unyielding perseverance that will cause positive change in another.


General guidelines for Stories from the Heart:

(Nothing here is written in stone; so be you with your story telling) Stories should be 350-1000 words in length (This can be longer; choice is yours). Use plain English. Try and keep paragraphs to three or four sentences (choice is yours). Try and stick to one idea per paragraph. Make sure your story is original and as accurate as possible. Double check that your story does not break someone’s copyright. When possible, try and use direct quotes from your subject to help deliver the emotion and passion that was experienced. One goal in sharing your story, it should leave the reader feeling inspired and positive. Do not forget that punchy title for your story; keep it short, but, inspiring.
After you have completed your story: Give a brief summary; if applicable to your story. Include any charities that might have been involved. (Include contact information for possible inclusion into our list of charities)
Sharing your story and how it works:
After we have approved your story and it is ready to be shared. We will publish it with full credit to you on our website blog under the category Stories from the Heart and on our Junction 116 Facebook Page. In addition, it will also be published with full credit to you with various other social media outlets and shared with the various charities we support; with full credit to you. Remember also, the more people that read your story; the more awareness to topics surrounding your story will be raised and help cause change in someone’s heart.
(Any questions should also be sent to this email with the same subject line)
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