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Gram (Nan – Shirley) Photos

I thought some fun snapshots of Gram would be a welcomed change to the current story line.

(I really needed the distraction before writing about the assisted living events)

So here are a few photos (of her thousands) from her travels.

Miss You Gram (Nan)

Love Always


Neall (grandson)

London Bridge
Trafalgar Square
Chillon Castle in Veytaux, Switzerland
Lucerne Switzerland
Gruyères in Switzerland
Gram is in the top row second from right.
I think someone had a naughty thought.
Gram & my dad
Gram (in green) and my baby sister (the lady I think is one of her long time friends, Mrs. Glew)
Gram in her favorite glamour shot (thanks Merm), along some of her favorite flowers.
Waterloo Station


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