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About Verified Business Listings

Verified Business: Listing/Splash Page

Splash Page includes:
-Your Page on a Secure Server (https) (1 Page)
-Custom URL ~
(minimum 3 alpha “abc” or numeric “123” characters) If your suggested choice for URL is already taken, you will be contacted.
-Header/Logo Image.
-Bio about your business. (while we will share your whole bio, realize most folks will not read past 300 – 500 words)
-Tags (1-3 words or phrases that describe your business)
-Contact Information; including links to your social media accounts. i.e.(Facebook, Twitter, Website, Etc)
-Light-box of images (gallery) for your business. That display images of your work or services you provide.
-Contact Form (Optional).
-Ability for (registered) visitors to leave comments.
-Submission of your URL to search engines. (This is done through a submission service)
-50 percent of your subscription after transaction fees (PayPal) will be donated to one of the current charities.

Instructions on becoming a verified business can be found at the bottom of this document.

For more information: contact or use our contact form.

To Apply for Listing/Splash Page on ~ please complete the following:

Follow These Instructions:

– Download the JCT116_Seller_agreement_2018.pdf

– Create Email from your business email address to with subject: (Your Business Name) Vendor Agreement.

– Attach a Copy of the JCT116_Seller_agreement_2018.pdf

– Attach a Copy of a legal form of Photo Identification (i.e. Driver’s License)

– In body of message: I (your name) owner/proprietor of (your business name) agree to the Seller/Vendor Agreement.

– Under Body of Message add: Signature: (Your Name)

– Under Signature include your business contact information: Name, Address, phone, email.

– Send email

*In order to be a Vendor, Seller or be listed on; it is required that your business be verified.

You will receive a response within 12 to 48 hours.

If an order is placed for the following subscriptions and the instructions above are not completed and approved; your money will be refunded and subscription canceled.

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