About Us

Ron & Raven
{Sam Lewis State Park, York, Pennsylvania}

Mission Statement:
To provide a deeper appreciation
for the necessities in life by
contributing to charitable causes.


A little more about us and Junction 116 “What are we about?”
Simply put, we donate 50 percent of our profits to charities; and those charities must utilize 50 percent or better of their donations towards their programs. The donations we make towards these charities are created through purchases from our huge selection of products. But, how does it work? Well, 50 percent of the profits from every purchase will go towards one of the current charities we support; it is that simple. Though, we think the best part is knowing that you did something good for another in need while fulfilling your needs; a twofold good.

Why? We had reached a point in our lives that required great pondering and reflection; due to the passing of two elders in our families. It lead us to examine closely all of our life experiences, and especially, all those that had touched our lives and our hearts. Though, it really hit home when we looked at our personal trials and triumphs, and that we really needed to give back more to the community and society. But, how could we to do that? Since we were not multimillionaires. Then, like a light or silver lining shining through some dark cloud. We were struck with the idea of Junction 116. And it answered our need and want to give more, and help others give more towards charity.

So Junction 116 was born. However, it had to be more than just a business to make money, it had to touch the hearts and lives of others. And it had to have within it the values of those we cherished and loved. So it really needed to reflect their beliefs in charity and helping others less fortunate or dealt a bad hand in life. Thus began our almost endless debates on how it would meet those needs. And just like toppling dominoes, it just all fell into place. Though, not too surprising, because when you approach a task or project with love in your heart; things will always just flow in a harmony. As a result, Junction 116 became an online department store, and its family, friends and clientele would have a part in its growth.

Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.
Customer Service: 717-739-6449
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9:AM – 3:PM (EST)
Email: sales@junction116.com
Facebook Page: Junction 116 (messenger~fastest)
Blogs: Stories from the Heart & Junction 116 News (Facebook)

Note: We offer a great selection of products at the best prices. Our products are ready for shipment to your doorstep!

One of our goals is to provide a variety of quality products at prices that are fair and competitive. In addition, while you are fulfilling your daily and long term needs, you are helping others through charitable donations from all your purchases.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products for the best price. We have multiple warehouses throughout the country to ensure the quickest delivery of products to our customers. We work hard to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and worry-free.

Unless where noted all items are sold brand new in original packaging and possess all of the features as advertised by the manufacturer.

We do add or delete products from time to time as market trends indicate. The customer’s satisfaction with our products and our service is of utmost importance to us, and we welcome comments at any time. Simply click on the contact us link to send us your comments.