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5 True and Heartwarming Stories of Generosity

Often, we are bombarded with negative news, without taking the time to see the positive. We aim to promote a positivity that’s lacking today. Featuring famous people, dogs, and even baby turtles, we welcome you to sit back and enjoy these heartwarming true stories!

In The Line Of Duty

As a furious wildfire raged across California, the local police department bravely stepped in to save dozens of animals.

In total, they were able to evacuate 60 pets.

In recognition for their bravery, they received an award from PETA and the appreciation of many owners.

Horrible Harvey

An 83-year-old woman whose home was damaged by hurricane Harvey returned from shelter to find her home stripped bare. Destitute and giving up on making a difference, she slept on the floor, and used the water from the toilet tank to bathe herself.

A local repairman who was told to do some service came and thought the house was abandoned, but was greeted by the woman. Moved by her awful state, he began putting together money to help her. Which in turn, inspired the whole community to get involved. Now, with her home restored, she wants to pay it forward to as many people as she can.

In It For The Long Haul

A suicidal man waited on a bridge in Michigan. A trucker noticed the situation and quickly parked underneath to thwart him. Immediately, he hailed other truckers to stop as well.

All in all, 13 semi-trucks parked under the bridge, leaving no gaps for the man to jump through.

In time, he was talked out of the act and came down safely.

From Sun And Sand To A Helping Hand

Baseball player Carlos Pena, supporter of many organizations and even spokesperson for Big Brothers Big Sisters, was on vacation visiting his family in the Dominican Republic, when he felt the tremors of a nearby earthquake. Haiti had just been ravaged by the infamous earthquake of 2010, which affected millions. And the effects of it can still be felt today.

Graciously, he donated to the relief and promoted how others could help. He helped organize press conferences and other media events to promote the assistance of this country in need.  

To Carlos Pena, you can never take a vacation from helping others.

On The Wrong Track

At the train station in Georgia, an unknown man pushed a mother onto the tracks. Unconscious, she was powerless to save herself. Her daughter jumped down and pulled her in-between the tracks. As the train went over, her daughter was injured, but the mother was safe. Still recovering, the daughter has a ways to go, but the family has started to raise money for her treatments.

“It’s been phenomenal that goodness oversees the evil in the darkness my family has experienced,” Susan Wenszell said.

This has been our top 5 true and heartwarming stories of generosity. We hope you enjoyed it! Now, we invite you to pass this on to someone else who needs a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day.

For other stories like these ones, check out the Stories From the Heart section of our blog! We know you’ll find yourself uplifted by the love and care that the world can give.


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