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3 U.S. Businesses Providing Economic Opportunities Abroad

There is no question that major U.S. companies make a solid mark on our economy. They provide jobs, regulate commerce and help support those with small businesses. However, did you know that many companies also have made a major imprint on the global scale as well. This is great for American influence and for foreigners and American expatriates. This is definitely a great way to help out everyone, no matter what their personal background might be. Here are three U.S. businesses that are doing some impressive work on a global scale:


One of the things that Amazon chooses to do would be to ignore large profit margins to a certain extent and invest in expansion instead. Moreover, they also continue to push into other markets as much as possible. Just a few years ago, they made the news because of their announcement to buy the Whole Foods Supermarket empire for an estimated $13.7 billion dollars. There is definitely the possibility that Amazon will expand the supermarket business into the overseas territory as well.

In the United States, the retail market is considered to be tremendously over-served. For example, in America, the average retail space per 1,000 people is over 21,000 square feet. In European markets, it is not even half that. In a nutshell, this means that Amazon is giving overseas individuals more choices than they had before.


doTERRA has made a mastery out of their essential oils program, and they are now not just a United States-based company. They had made it to where anyone can open an account from various locations in the world and start selling their products. doTERRA also has offices in different countries to support the international market, and they have tools and training in place to help those who want to make their mark in essential oils from an overseas market. doTERRA does a lot of global sourcing of quality raw materials as well. The company receives some of its supplies from countries like Nepal, Somaliland, and Madagascar.


The retail giant started by Sam Walton has also established itself as a major overseas player. They have done this by being involved in advanced negotiations to buy Indian e-commerce group Flipkart. Wal-Mart began its global expansion in the mid-nineties by building a presence in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. They began entering the Asian markets in the late 90s. The key strategy that this business uses is to tailor their approach to the country; in some places, they have deals to sell their merchandise in already well-known stores. In other locations, they have purchased well-known chains and rebranded them.

As you can see, these major U.S. corporations are not just a boon to our own country, but they realize they are a world citizen and are working to improve the world economy as well. Giving these companies some business is a great way to not only help their U.S. employees but also help their employees the world over.

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