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3 Things Rhode Island is Doing to Save Lives

Rhode Island’s motto is “Hope,” a definitive slogan for a state that has made many progressive strides in the world. With heroism in combating drug addiction and the government’s promise for a better tomorrow, Rhode Island rises above the ranks in order to serve its residents and the bigger picture.

How does Rhode Island save lives? The smallest state sees bigger plans. This article will explain three reasons why you shouldn’t overlook New England’s finest.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Opiate use is prevalent all over America, but in this state, Governor Gina Raimondo helped create a Task Force to put a stop to the problem. A monthly meeting between the government and other organizations is held regularly in order to provide education and treatment options for civilians and healthcare professionals alike.

Laws are frequently being put into place to prosecute dealers. Emergency personnel will be trained with anti-overdose medication such as the NARCAN shot.

Highway Safety Laws

Rhode Island has enough of the 16 highway safety laws identified as being necessary for optimal safety to be classified as a green state. It has carefully placed traffic signs on its thoroughfares to eliminate accidents. On the highways and rural roads, teens are required to drive with an adult and are not allowed other passengers who might distract them.

Because impaired driving happens regularly, Rhode Island is strict on the .08 blood alcohol content level as grounds that warrant a drunk driving arrest. Authorities require that vehicles and drivers are insured, and they frequently check to see if a car’s registration is up to date.

Protection of LGBTQ Rights

The state of Rhode Island and its capital of Providence boast a strong sense of pride in the LGTBQ community by hosting a popular festival every summer. After the summer fun, the Rhode Island government, the clergy, and even the police force join together to make the streets a safer place for everyone. Apart from promoting the many Pride Providence events, Rhode Island lawmakers have been swift to discuss LGBTQ rights such as marriage and legal partnership. This state does not tolerate discrimination due to personal identity or sexual orientation.

With brilliant beaches, safe roads and all the other attractions Rhode Island has to offer, there’s no question why this state brings in tourists from all around the world. The coziness of Rhode Island’s community is welcoming. Many see Rhode Island as the smallest state, while others see it as a state of tolerance and well-being.

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