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3 Stories of Companies Trying to Make a Difference in the World

Many companies are trying to make a positive impact in communities around the world. While these stories often go underreported in the media, they are having major impacts on people’s lives. Here are three stories that you want to know about in which companies are having a positive influence.


While Nike has several outstanding programs to help children get up and moving. One of them happens on the Zuni Indian Reservation in Western New Mexico. First, Nike has created a program to train young men in the community to coach youth. Then, those young men have provided the equipment and supplies to make teams coached by these individuals successful. While many of the activities focus on regular American sports activities like baseball and football, others focus on indigenous sports. Children can also enroll at no cost in a Fitness in Tribal Schools program where kids get 45 to 60 minutes of physical activity after school each day on the school campus that they attend.

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doTERRA helped communities in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. The first thing that the company did immediately after the earthquake was to announce that it would match any money given by its associates to help people in Nepal. The company and its associates donated over $636,000. The company used part of the money to help build new schools ensuring that children could continue their education. doTERRA also discovered that the company could source wintergreen in the country. Therefore, it created a program to let people, mostly women, harvest the crop for five hours each day. doTERRA pays the people for the wintergreen that they harvest. This allows people to feel independent from the government, and it helps them provide for their families.

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TOMS Shoes

TOMS has several programs to give back to people around the world. Children who are identified by TOMS’ partners can get a free pair of new shoes in many global locations, including Africa, the Middle East, and India. These shoes are available in a variety of styles, so children can choose the ones that they like the best. The company also works with 14 global partners in 13 locations to give the gift of sight by providing free medical treatment and eyeglasses when needed. This program works mainly with senior citizens.

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When you do business with these three companies, you know that a part of your purchase is going to support worthwhile causes around the world.

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