Welcome to Junction 116, LLC

We are an online department store that specializes in item requests,
for home and business. It is like having your own personal shopper for gifts and goods.

How the process works:
You submit an Item Request for that something special (checkout a few popular brands). We then utilize our over 90 vendors, suppliers and manufacturers to search for your special item and the best deal. Then, you will receive a personal email from us, not a form letter. It will contain the details about your Special Item Request and any available discounts. Next, if the item meets with your approval, an order will be created. Then you simply login to junction116.com and checkout through PayPal. Your order is then placed and the item is shipped; with a tracking number.

Our Beginnings:
Junction 116 was born to be more than just a business to make money, it had to touch the hearts and lives of others through its business in some way; and it had to have within it the values of those we cherished and loved. So it really needed to reflect their beliefs in charity and helping others less fortunate, or dealt a bad hand in life.

Love in your Heart:
Thus began our almost endless debates on how it would meet those needs. And just like toppling dominoes, it just all fell into place. Though, not too surprising, because when you approach a task or project with love in your heart; things will always just flow in a harmony. As a result, Junction 116 became an online department store, and its family, friends and clientele would have an integral part in its growth and direction. 

But, what exactly are we about?
Simply put, we donate 50 percent of our profits to charities; and those charities must utilize 50 percent or better of their donations towards their programs. So while you are fulfilling daily and long term needs through Junction 116, or our Amazon Shop page, you are helping others through charitable donations from all your purchases.

We look forward to serving you ~ Have a Fantastic Day!

50 Percent of Profits Donated to Charities

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